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What do you get?

The dance studio management software provided by Compete Services is simply the best in the industry. It's clean, simple, and easy to use. You can access it from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Wish you could run your studio from your smart phone or tablet? No problem. Now you can.

What if you could automate payments, track students, and staff, and not have the headache of answering the phone 24/7? Put us to work for you. We'll follow up on late payments for you. Add unlimited students, classes, teachers, payments, and marketing systems. We'll even train you and any staff members on the software. It's all included at no extra charge.

Does it sound too good to be true yet? Keep reading.

Your Studio Will Make More Money

How is this software different?

For starters, our customer service office will handle any problems your students have with payments, tuition, updating account info, even enrollment and cancellations.

They can call, email, or text us with problems instead of bringing them to you and your staff. This way you can automate everything, but you don't lose the human element that is important to growing your studio.

What else do I need to run this software?

1. An Internet connection.

It really is that easy. You might have a credit card merchant account (and you can keep that) but you don't even need one. You also don't need an Internet payment gateway. We can get you up and running right away. We challenge you to find any other dance studio management software package that can offer this. Just this one feature can save you thousands of dollars a year.

What's the catch?

We're still looking for one. No joke, it is our goal to create products so valuable that dance studio owners would have to be crazy not to take advantage of them.

You can add as many students as you want without upgrading your account. Growing into another location? Great, that's free too. Want your staff members to be able to have an additional account with limited (or full) access? No problem, and no extra charge. Want to allow students and parents online access to their own accounts? Why not? It's easy and included.

We know what it takes to run a financially successful studio. We're doing it ourselves, many times over. We're committed to showing you how.

What's included?

Add Unlimited Students
Classes and Attendance
Staff Module
Marketing Tools
Customizable Reports
Student Retention Tools

Software You'll Actually Use

Dance studio management software and billing solutions are a dime a dozen. They've all been stuffed with functionality that you'll never use. Some of it is downright dangerous to your studio growth. You might even currently be using another software product that does way too much to be really helpful. Don't fall into these traps!

Remember, Compete Services is way more than just a piece of software. We have an entire customer service department that is trained to solve whatever little problems your studio might encounter. Students missing payments? You do nothing. Somebody's credit card expired? You do nothing. Students need to update their address or billing info? You do nothing. What could you do with all the extra time?

You might be starting to see the difference. But there is a lot more!

All of This in One Place!

Management Software

You'll know exactly what's happening at your studio at every time. Log in to make updates from anywhere. Create as many accounts as you need. There's no limit to what you can accomplish now!


Not only does Compete Services offer powerful tuition billing software, it's easy to use. Tuition is not "set it and forget it." If anything goes wrong, our staff can handle it. It's like hiring a full front desk staff, without the headaches.

Marketing Software

You need the right information to make the right decisions about what to do with your marketing dollars and time. Then, you need something that can automate it for you.

Business Consulting

No other dance studio management software tool is able to offer the FREE business consulting you get with Compete Services. We know what it takes to run a successful studio and we'll help you do it!

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