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studio business consulting

How does it work?

We've been working with studios of all sizes to help them grow their programs since 2003. Whether you run a traditional dance studio, a martial arts program, music school, or something else, we have the experience to help you make your studio more profitable without overwhelming you with more work.

Our studio consulting product is called "Million dollar Dance Studio" and you can learn more about it, or apply for a FREE strategy session by clicking here.

How much more could your studio accomplish if you had someone who knows exactly what's working in our industry today to show you what to implement and how? We can work with you one-on-one to increase enrollment, retain more students, and finally free you from the front desk.

Check out what our clients are saying. . .

"Million dollar dance studio has helped make all of the administration work easier that I can enjoy teaching more. By helping us set up systems in place we are no longer blindly grabbing at ways to improve but have a clear path and destination which enables me to enjoy my favorite part which is teaching."

-Nicole Haug, Dance Factory

"This program will give you the vital tools to reclaim your sanity back as a busy and overwhelmed Studio owner. It is a hands-on and personalized training focused on changing old paradigms and mindset to launch your business to economic growth and peace of mind for the future."

-Beau Sem, Groove Nation

studio business consulting

A holistic approach to growth!

Online Training

We provide tons of online resources that you can implement at your own speed. The better you implement, the faster your studio will grow.

Marketing Strategy

We've compiled all kinds of marketing tools and downloads that insure you'll be wisely investing your marketing dollars and time. It's all part of the package.

Student Retention

Learn the best ways to keep students for the long-term. We can show you how attract and retain students that are willing to pay higher tuition rates.

Live Events

Each studio is unique and we know that there is a lot of benefit in live teleconferences, one-on-one training, and other live, personalized events.

Free yourself from the front desk

"If you feel in your gut that something is disconnected with your studio, there is something that needs to change. This program is amazing and not only tells you what things need to change but also gives you steps to help you implement those changes."

-Karen Harris, Dancin Dreams

"I’ve never seen results the way I’ve seen with the way this program is being run and how it’s worked for’s brought our team together, it’s given us visibility in our community, and it’s made everyone more aware of what needs to be done and how to get it done and - it’s getting done!"


studio business consulting
studio business consulting

What are you waiting for?

How long can you wait to make the changes that will finally help you to grow your studio and get unstuck?

What if there is a better way? What if you don't have to be a slave to your business? How much would that be worth to you and your family?

Spend a moment and go check out what we have to offer at "Million dollar Dance Studio" and find the shortcuts we've developed by testing and experimenting on our own successful studio locations!

You can do this, and we can show you how.

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