Dance Studio Tuition Billing

Never run after another late payment again!


Save Time

You didn't go into business to be a bill collector. Don't waste your valuable time running after late payments and updating expired credit cards. Our professional staff does it all for you.

Retain Students

Missed payments hurt your bottom line and put students in danger of quitting. By resolving payment issues quickly you'll see both income and retention increase.

Make More Money

You'll collect more tuition right away. By using the powerful marketing and management tools available in the Compete Studio software you'll see your entire program grow.

We Work For You

Hiring Compete Services to handle your tuition billing takes the burden of tuition collection off of you and your staff. You can focus on marketing and growing your programs instead!

What could you do with all of the time you and your staff would save running after late payments? What if you never had to stress out about this ever again?

If a payment fails for any reason: credit card expires, bank account overdraft, student just forgets to pay; we do all the work for you. We make the calls, send the invoices, emails and text message reminders. We'll work it all out for you and make sure the money gets deposited in your account every month.

Compete Services is committed to providing high-quality service to the studios that use us for their tuition billing. We work with a limited number of studios to ensure this. If you think Compete Services can help your studio to be more successful, we should chat. Fill out this form and we'll reach out to schedule a time to talk about your current program and goals.

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